What is the connection between digital fabrication and the world of fashion design? What are the benefits of a digital work in the intricate and very intuitive clothes design? How can 3D print greatly assist us in the design work? These and more questions were at the center of our digital fabrication workshop for fashion designers. As part of our approach to design, we believe that in the future the design field will merge different disciplines into one field, and therefore we have developed these workshops – to introduce industrial and product designs to the world of fashion. In this article we will shortly discuss why digital fabrication can be a perfect solution to some significant issues.

Limited Sources

When we are talking about a country such as Israel, in which access to raw materials is very limited and expensive, especially in fashion design, we need creative solutions to assist us in succeeding at our work. 3D print and laser cutting is essentially a unique way of combining fashion design with innovative digital fabrication, using a 3D modeling software. Already you can see that part of the process is completely virtual, which can significantly save on raw materials and expense.

Planning Ahead

Using digital fabrication can assist you to play with designs, model and remodel, and virtually integrate the designs in the construction and manufacturing industry with great ease. You can easily experiment with patterns, stretch and rescale different elements and features of the design, play with materials and see a computerized model of the design within seconds. This is the perfect way to examine your product before production, and get a visual understanding of how it will look through a process which is both iterative and experimental.

Suitable Solutions for Different Needs

RE-VISION always takes care of creating rich and interesting designs, according to your needs and specifications. When discussing the issue of digital fabrication, we truly believe that it is the most suitable answer to specific limitations. Our workshop on the subject has provided Israeli designers with interesting insights regarding the benefits of the process, and we continually look for new innovative ways to enrich our capabilities in the field. Our team works to promote the best solutions for your needs. From the design phase to the production phase, RE-VISION is at your service.

For further information regarding our fashionable design solutions, contact our studio and our representative will gladly assist you.