Fashion design for children is not just about the specific product, but also about the ability of developing and identifying a truly unique concept and design language. To design a collection which is truly according to your brand image and vision, tailor made to fit your needs and yet add that extra flavor of new and trendy feel, you need the hand a specialist. RE-VISION design studio provides you with a full range of services ranging from creative research and design development to production.

Creative Design

In terms of conceptual development, fashion design Children is always challenging since the range of clothing is always very rich - from top end designer clothing to sportswear and streetwear, taking into consideration current children trends, TV shows, movies, collectibles, etc. On the other hand, there's a lot of flexibility in fashion design for children, especially considering the fact that market demand is always for something trendy and fun, and not necessarily formal and rigid. As we work on your lines, we always ask ourselves what would kids look for, what interests them, and let the answers to these questions lead us through the creative process.

Children Trends

Fashion design for kids must always be aware of hot trends in the market, and taking advantage of those in the various stages of design. RE-VISION has worked with well-known international brands, such as Bratz, The Simpsons, Superman, Mickey Mouse, Cars, and more, constantly thinking of new approaches and unique designs. Creating that specific feel of a coherent line which is both fun and attractive is an important part of approaching the market, and yet sometimes children-wear aims at a more mature and serious mindset, with intricate designs, smart or elegant, which takes into account both children and parents.

Fashionable Design Solutions for Kids

RE-VISION provides its partners with fashionable design solutions regarding textile, apparel and product design. We ensure that our fashion design for children will always have that unique twist, an attractive feature that will ensure a truly remarkable result, and a feel of high-end quality. From concept to final product, we always make sure to maintain a constant feel, to provide your entire collection with a feel of cohesiveness, which strengthen your brand image with a unique touch.

For further information regarding our fashionable design solutions, contact our studio and our representative will gladly assist you.