There's nothing more complicated and intricate in the fashion industry than providing beautiful, varied and delicious designs for women clothes. The project at hand was designed for the American market, and at its base is the creation of a new brand, a subsidiary of "Gottex" that specializes in sportswear and activewear, with a light feel that is suitable for many sports activities: yoga, bicycle, tennis, running, etc. The emphasis is on a trendy, fashionable design and on complementing the body, and as we've said – it has to be very, very light.

Market Research

Any initial stage in the design process of a new brand is to research the target market, the existing trends and products, materials and designs, etc. The challenge in designing sportswear not only concerns the overall look, which is a complicated issue in itself, but also the materials which we have to work with as they must have that right texture to support the wearer during the sports activity. For this project RE-VISION conducted a two-month research of the biggest names and brands on the American market, traveling abroad in order to see and experience the current trends, look at the materials, and finally decide on our course of action on how to create a leading fashion design for women in the sportswear department.

Considering the Complications

As part of the new brand, we had to design a complete line that will complement the sportswoman in various ways, as well as different sub-collections for activewear and sportswear. And the overall design must still relate to the parent company "Gottex" and their look, quality, and general mindset. For this we have adhered to the following principles:
• Innovate with materials that are adapted to the sports activity and still look beautiful.
• Take into consideration that the women's fashion trends change every few months, with each season, and therefore the task is very complicated.
• Construct a completely new niche, one that provides attractive sportswear which is highly functional and effective at the same time.

Comprehensive Services

As part of the project RE-VISION conducted an in-depth study, designed a complete collection including sub-collections and specific goals, carried out research on materials research, investigated production and worked with factories in China, Turkey, India and more- all to ensure professional new line of sportswear and activewear for women will have that unique twist and a truly Re-vision result. We strive to provide you with a solution that suits your needs, and whether it's for a small line of clothing or an extensive one – we have the perfect answer, both in terms of texture and high-end quality. From the board to the end of production, RE-VISION is at your service.
For further information regarding our fashionable design solutions, contact our studio and our representative will gladly assist you.