The connection between fashion design and toys design is at the heart of this concept line by the company WeeWise. RE-VISION has worked closely with the brand in order to create truly remarkable toy designs that are intelligent and innovative, colorful and distinctive – all of which make up the main design concepts in the creation of this wonderful line.

Thinking Outside the Box

The field of toy design takes account of elements that are different from those in the clothing industry, such as functionality, playability, amusement, and how to stimulate the mind of the child playing with the toy. There are many significant factors to remember during production too: materials, components, durability and the various restrictions. From the outset, the goal must be precise and correspond to the brand image, while also considering the appeal the item will have for the parents and the shop owners that would sell these products. Furthermore, on this project we had to work around an existing patent, meaning – we had to think outside the box in order to provide actual solutions that will not conflict with the existing patent. Thinking outside the box is our specialty, because the RE-VISION studio team constantly strives for perfection.

What's Inside the Box

On this particular project, we have used creative illustrations, detailing the product and design, and turned them into 3D products in different sizes. These models were the basis for our work, one which is very complicated considering the different materials used in toys production. The toys are smart, innovative, and outside the box. They are taking into consideration different aims and elements that contribute to the overall experience of the child playing with them. The production process itself included working with different factories in China, different specifications, and complicated coordination processes. Furthermore, we had a strict budget and very specific requirements to work with – and the result is still amazing and captivating, which renders this project as absolute success.

Leading with a Vision

For today's parents who are looking for upscale products with a magical feel, WeeWise is a company that provides uniquely smart products with that special extra touch you find nowhere else, an outset that sits perfectly with our vision. RE-VISION always takes care to create exclusive and interesting designs according to your needs and specifications, in order to bring forward the best solutions for your requirements. From the design phase to the production phase, RE-VISION is at your service.

For further information regarding our fashionable design solutions, contact our studio and our representative will gladly assist you.